Each season costs between £15,000 and £20,000 depending on the size of the cast, orchestra and scale of the production. Within that budget it costs £500 to take a young singer, player or production team member through the Emerging Artists Programme. 22 young professionals have been accepted on to the 2022 programme. Income from ticket sales covers less than half WOCo's costs, other support is from generous individual donors and charitable foundations.

A donation of £500 will support one Emerging Artist through the programme which includes professional mentoring, board, lodging and travel to and from France. Donors’ names are included on WOCo’s website and season programme and receive automatic membership of WOCo Friends

You can click here to make your donation. £3.00 pays for a WOCo programme for this year's production of Hänsel & Gretel. To become a friend the fee is £50 per annum. A prop or costume sponsor pay £100, an Emerging Artist (EA) sponsor pays £500 and an EA Donor £2,000

Equally you might like to support a specific element of WOCo’s endeavour. For example a donation of £1,000 would support the cost of creating the costumes for one season. £2,000 would support the stage design typified in Roberto Ventruti's creative solutions to staging WOCo's acclaimed production of La Bohème in 2019 or Hansel & Gretel in 2022. 

Of course there is no upper limit to donations. Please talk to the Company Manager if you would like to support a specific singer, player, production team member or element. 

WOCo events in 2024

WOCo is performing in London and South West France in 2023. Find out more here. 


Booking, picnicing and directions:
Everything you need to know for your visit when we re-open in summer 2024

Emerging Artists

Opportunities for newly established singers, players and production team members


All the latest news can be found here including the details of WOCo's partnership with the Fulham Camarata  - which we will celebrate in a London concert on 16th June 2024