WOCo. is very grateful for the continued support of our Patrons, the internationally renowned tenor Ian Bostridge and the Marquis de Grailly. The de Grailly family generously offer the Château de Panloy for the performances and accommodation for the Emerging Artists programme. They support WOCo. in miriad ways and we are delighted to continue our collaboration in 2022 after these last few difficult years.

WOCo. seasons 13 and 13 are being supported by Cockayne - Grants for the Arts of the Community Foundation. We are enormously grateful to them for their continued support. 

WOCo. operates as a not-for-profit organisation and relies on the generosity of our Friends, without whom we could not support the Emerging Artists. In 2019 WOCo. especially thanks:

  • Bill Bollinger who supports the Emerging Artists programme
  • Tim and Maria Church, sponsors of Principal Singers since our founding in 2008

We thank all those who have become Friends of WOCo. and those who have supported our various Kickstarter campaigns over the years. We will launch our next campaign in the autumn of 2022. If you would like to support us you can do this before that date by going to our donors page

We are grateful for the kindness of hosts in Port d'Envaux and Crazannes who accommodate the musicians during the rehearsal periods.

Brian Jones of Jones Lafuente Limited develops and maintains our website.

WOCo. is extremely grateful for all their generous support. The following organisations support our work in France and the UK.

WOCo events in 2024

WOCo is performing in London and South West France in 2023. Find out more here. 


Booking, picnicing and directions:
Everything you need to know for your visit when we re-open in summer 2024

Emerging Artists

Opportunities for newly established singers, players and production team members


All the latest news can be found here including the details of WOCo's partnership with the Fulham Camarata  - which we will celebrate in a London concert on 16th June 2024