Thomas D Hopkinson

Thomas is currently in London as young artist at the National Opera Studio.
Here's what he had to say about his WOCo. experience:

'I had a lovely time working with WOCo both in 2017 & 2018. The experience of working with this company spans the line between being taught and working as a professional as WOCo works especially with young singers at the start of their careers. You are expected to turn up with your role learnt, the same as any company, but the way in which the rehearsals are run give you the freedom as an artist but also have the protective and guided hand of a production team who know how to help young singers. The true magic of the productions always come to fruition when you arrive in France and you are rehearsing and living in or near the Chateau and this time of focus and rehearsal helps to create beautiful productions but also allow you to flourish as a young opera singer.
After my time with WOCo I have gone on to work with many of the summer festivals both as principle small role and cover and I am now a young artist at The National Opera Studio.'

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